How to Replace Sliding Glass Doors With French Doors

    Throughout the 1970’s and 80’s, sliding glass doors were regularly used in numerous homes. Today anyway, they make a house look dated and old-designed. One of the snappiest and generally cost-successful methods for redesigning your home is to replace old glass sliders with current French doors. Frequently used on patios, porches, and for entry into the patio, French doors are an extraordinary approach to carry common sunlight into your home. Made of wood with glass panels, they give the home a light and breezy feel. Luckily, these doors are shockingly simple to install, making this an undertaking the normal homeowner can complete in just a couple of hours.

    1. Remove trim pieces around the door frame by meddlesome them out with a sledge. Do this painstakingly provided that you’d get a kick out of the chance to reuse them on your new door, or discard them in the event that you want to buy new trim.
    2. Use your sledge to remove the nails holding the sliding door unit in place. There will probably be numerous in every pillar, yet weigh for nails in the head of the frame besides.
    3. Discard the sliding door unit deliberately. Provided that it is in great condition, consider giving it to a development rescue office for reuse.
    4. Measure the measure of the rough opening for your new door. This is the extent from stud to stud, width-wise, and from the finished floor to the top of the opening, length-wise.
    5. Buy a set of prehung French doors using the measurements you took in Step 4. Your door, incorporating the frame, ought to be roughly 1/4" littler on every side than the span of the rough opening. Prehung French doors are accessible at generally home improvement stores.
    6. Slide the French doors into the opening, bottom to begin with, verifying it is focused inside the space. The doors ought to be placed with the goal that they will swing outside of the home once installed.
    7. Use your level to guarantee the unit is even and plumb. In the event that its not, place wooden shims between the supports and the framing parts to level it out.
    8. Secure the unit in place by affixing three nails into every support. Make a point to likewise nail any shims you used into the supports or the frame.
    9. Place insulation into the splits along either support. Batt insulation is the least demanding to install, and might as well fill the space without being constrained.
    10. Install trim packs around the frame to cover the insulation and complete the task.

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