How to Replace a Window with French Doors

    Provided that your home doesn’t have a door that prompts the lawn, you might need to consider adding a set of French doors. French doors are numerous doors that open outward and hold numerous windows to let in sunlight. They are easy to install, and they permit you to enter a patio or other outside zone effortlessly. A straightforward approach to install French doors without stressing over hitting a stud is to take out a set of windows to make room for the installation.

    Removing the Window

    1. Score the edges of the interior side of the window with an utility knife. This might as well remove the paint and caulk besides.
    2. Use a pry bar to remove the window ledge.
    3. Score the edges of the exterior side of the window with the utility knife.
    4. Use a pry bar to remove the exterior window trim. A mallet may be fundamental to pry off parts of the trim.
    5. Remove the screws that join the window to the divider studs.
    6. Remove the window, delicately.

    Installing Doors

    1. Score the zone around the old windows that will be removed to make room for the doors. Use a hacksaw to remove the material.
    2. Staple glimmering paper to the bottom and sides of the opening in the divider (this will weatherproof the opening). At that point add a layer of rubberized glimmering on top of the blazing paper.
    3. Caulk the edges of the opening and set the door frame (with the doors appended) into the caulk.
    4. Secure the doors in place with screws that fit through the door frame into the divider studs.

    French Doors Guide

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