How to Paint a French Door

    There’s no compelling reason to fear painting your French door. Don’t let the possibility of taping out both sides of each one of the aforementioned window panes keep you from sprucing up your woodwork. Don’t stress over the glass. Hurry up and paint right on the glass. You can essentially scrape the paint off the glass using an extremely sharp steel or comparable thing when your painting is complete.

    1. Plan your space for painting. Put down a drop material on the floor in a zone extensive enough to accomodate your French door or doors. Set up a couple of sawhorses, or any two things that can take the weight of the door and gave you a chance to work at an agreeable stature. Cover these backings, too, to protect them from paint. This likewise stops scratches from indicating on your recently painted French doors.
    2. Remove the pins from the pivots and set them aside. Put the doors up on the backings. Remove all French door hardware incorporating pivots and door handles with a screwdriver.
    3. Fill any holes or scratches with wood putty and let dry. Rapidly run over the surface of the door with sandpaper. This removes surface knocks from the door. When done with sandpaper, take a moist material and run that over the surface of the door. This grabs any detached particles that may hurt your new paint work.
    4. Paint one side of the French door with preparation. Remember the sides of the door as well! You will require no less than two layers of preparation for the best result. Permit the preparation to dry between covers. Use your judgment here. Assuming that you can even now effectively see the former color or stain after two layers, a third layer ought to be connected. When you have finished one side, flip the door over and make preparations side.
    5. Paint the door. Use no less than two covers here too, progressively as required. Bear in mind the sides. Permit the paint to dry between layers. When one side is complete and dry, flip the door over and finish the painting. Watch all folds and edges in the window regions. Paint and preparation adores to pool in there, which makes a less than expert appearance. Check this frequently while painting and remove any pooled paint.
    6. Remove the first stage and paint from the glass surfaces with a disposable cutter or a little glass scraper. The paint truly comes up quite effortlessly. You can use a disposable cutter or a specialty knife if regions require any definite paint evacuation. Provided that you had tried to lay tape down to start with, you will at present be doing this step because paint will get into the range on the glass between the wood and the tape. In the event that this is another French door, there is likely a film of plastic over the glass, which makes this step simple.
    7. Rehang your door. Append all door hardware incorporating the door handle. You may require somebody to help get the door again on effectively.

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