How to Frame an Interior French Door

    Door framing can appear as though a threatening errand, yet it gets less demanding when broken into sensible steps. You will initially need to confirm provided that you have enough space in the craved area for your french doors. Don’t endeavor to install french doors in burden bearing dividers; this is best left to experts. Counsel a craftsman or designer to figure out if the divider you mean use is suitable.

    1. Measure the outside to outside extents of the french door unit’s frame. Make your rough opening 1 inch more extensive and a 1/2 inch taller than the outside of the frame.
    2. With an utility knife, cut the drywall from the divider on both sides, 10 inches more extensive than your rough opening will be, from floor to top side. Remove the drywall. Thump out any studs inside this range with a 3-pound mallet.
    3. Measure the separation between the top and bottom plates, or flat framing parts. Cut two 2-by-4s to fit between them with a round saw. These are your ruler studs.
    4. Mark the bottom plate of the divider with a square 1¾ inches outside the right and left edge of where your rough opening will be. Set a roundabout saw to 1 ½ inches profound and cut the bottom plate thusly. Use a pry bar to remove the cut area of 2-by-4 from the floor.
    5. Stand the left ruler stud, on top of the bottom plate, with inside face flush with the cut in the bottom plate. Use a level and adjust the top of the stud to level. Toe nail the stud to the top and bottom plate. To toe nail, drive a 16-penny framing nail on an edge, through the close of the stud into the top or bottom plate.
    6. Measure from the top of the first ruler stud the same separation as the piece you removed from the bottom plate. Mark the top plate. Stand the remaining lord stud concerning the to begin with, on top of the bottom plate, flush with the cut, with its inside face on the imprint on the top plate. Toe nail it into place.
    7. Cut two 2-by-4s a ½ crawl more extended than the stature of the door support. These are your jack studs. Nail one to the substance of each one ruler stud with its bottom close on the floor.
    8. Measure and cut two 2-by-8s to fit between the ruler studs. Curtail a bit of ½ inch plywood the same width and length as the 2-by-8s. Apply development cement to both faces of the plywood and sandwich it between the 2-by-8s with all edges even. Nail the three pieces together. This is your header.
    9. Stand the header on its restricted edge on top of the jack studs with its wide confronts flush with the ruler studs. Nail through the backs of the ruler studs into the closures of the king studs into the ends of the header.

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