How to Measure a Rough Opening for Replacing French Doors

    When you need to change an existing set of French doors on your home, you will have the capacity to confirm the rough openings. The door supplier will know what amount of space is accessible for the new set of doors. This might be accomplished by the do-it-yourself jack of all trades with a couple of hand tools and a little time. The hardest part is evacuating the door packaging and not damaging the encompassing drywall and paint.

    1. Cut around the exterior of the French door packaging. Slice through its painter’s caulk. This will keep the caulk from pulling the paint far from the divider when uprooting the trim. A strong utility knife with another edge works well for this.
    2. Tap a trim pry bar precisely between the gypsum wallboard and door trim. Slide the pry bar behind the trim and tenderly pry the trim far from the door and wallboard. Be mindful so as not to damage the wallboard and trim. Place a flimsy bit of wood between the divider and the trim pry hinder to keep the wallboard from damage.
    3. Remove the trim from the sides and top of the door. Use a couple of trim pincers to remove the nails through the trim from the rear. This will transform modest holes that you can renail the trim through later.
    4. Measure from the left of the door beginning at the inside edge of the 2-by-4 divider stud to the one on the inverse side. This is the aggregate width of the rough opening. Measure the length of the 2-by-4 closest to the door. This will be the tallness of the rough openings. Weigh these measurements in three places in the event that the rough opening is not square. Use the most diminutive of the three extents when requesting new doors.
    5. Nail the door trim go into position until you are primed to install the new set of French doors. A mallet and some finish nails work well for this. Use a nail set to hit the head of the nail slightly underneath the trim’s surface.

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