How to Make Curtains For French Doors

    French doors are usually exceptionally elusive curtains for. In this way, your best wager is to make them yourself.

    1. Figure out where you need the curtains. That is, do you need them over the whole door, or just covering the window parcel, or something amidst.
    2. Using a yard stick and pencil, draw a line over the top, sides and bottom of the zone you need to cover. This will be your window.
    3. Measure the window over the top, over the bottom then afterward over the center. Record the biggest of these measurements.
    4. Measure the window from top to bottom, on the left side, then the center and finally on the right side. Record the biggest of these measurements.these two measurements are the extent of your this on both windows.
    5. Buy enough fabric to cover the length, plus 2 inches, and double the width, on both windows.
    6. Measure the window once more, and slice your fabric to the length, plus 2 inches and double the width.
    7. Sew a 5/8 inch trim on both sides of your curtains. Make certain to do the sides first.
    8. Make a 1 inch trim on the top and bottom of every curtain. You might as well have a minor pocket at either end of the curtain.
    9. Mount the bistro bars right on the lines for the top and bottom of your window. They ought to be flush to the door, or as close as you can get them.
    10. Remove the bars from their mounting sections.
    11. Slide the poles through the top and bottom trim pockets of the curtains. Replace the poles in their sections.
    12. Adjust the accumulates at the top and bottom so everything is even and you are carried out.

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