How to Install an Exterior French Door

    French doors are a magnificent elective to universal glass sliding doors. Comprised of wood and glass panels, these doors instantly carry warmth, light, and a contemporary feel into a home. Installing French doors in your home’s exterior is generally basic, and might be completed by generally homeowners in just a couple of hours.

    1. Measure the opening for the new doors before you buy them. Assuming that your existing exterior door opening is six feet wide by seven feet tall, which is normal, you’ll need to buy new doors that are shut this size to keep away from exorbitant obliteration and fixing of your dividers.
    2. Purchase the door. Generally French door units are sold as prehung units, which implies that the door and the frame are bundled together and simple to install. The mixture of French doors accessible for buy is boundless. These doors are accessible in each color, finish, wood polish and glass panel blend you could covet. You can buy these units at your nearby home improvement store or from a door distributor, for example Trustile or Masonite.
    3. Frame out the rough opening for your new door. Remove the existing door, if relevant, and place it aside for transfer. Use the instructions that accompanied your new French doors to figure out the needed rough opening size. You’ll need the rough opening to be one-half creep bigger in stature and width than your new door unit. This may presuppose adding or evacuating the 2 by 4-inch sheets or existing structural framing components.
    4. Slide the prehung unit in the opening, bottom in the first place, verifying it is focused inside the opening. Use three nails on every support to incidentally hold the unit in place, however don’t mallet these nails the distance in yet.
    5. Determine the door is level. Verify whether the dispersing along the frames is even from top to bottom, and along the head of the door frame. In the event that it isn’t even, use wooden shims to make equivalent dividing. At that point use the level to check the plumbness of the pillars and head once more. Use more shims if the unit is not level.
    6. Finish nailing the unit in place. When you are confident the doors are level, use nails along both pillars to nail the unit in place. Countersink the provisional nails you used prior also, and use nails to secure all shims.
    7. Weatherproof the opening. Place insulation in the hole between the door frames and the divider framing, then install the wood packaging or trim for the door. Finish the installation with a caulk joint on both the interior and exterior of the opening where the door frame meets the divider.

    French Doors Guide

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