How to Frame a French Door

    Framing for a French door is comparable to framing for a solitary door aside from there are two doors and every door will be hung one on every side of the opening. Be that as it may, French doors are usually worth the additional exertion, for once they are up and everything is in place they make a nice looking addition to your living space, if they are interior or exterior.

    1. The most complex part of the undertaking is measuring the doors and figuring the width of the opening for the set of twofold doors. The point when ascertaining the width remember there are three holes between the doors instead of two, plus a frame on every side of the opening. So if the doors are 24-inches wide, leave a 1/4-inch crevice between doors and between every door and the support. Furthermore keep in mind that the support is usually 1-inch thick with an alternate 1/4-inch space between the frame and the pillar. This adds up to what added up to 51 1/4 inches for the width of the opening. Notwithstanding add an alternate 1 1/2 inches to every side of the opening so you can side nail a vertical divider plate to the bottom plate. That carries the aggregate to 54 1/4 inches for the opening width.
    2. Figure the stature of the opening. This undertaking is less demanding to complete, however you still must take into account the stature of the genuine doors, a hole for the deck underneath the doors and a space for the bit of pillar that goes above the door. So permit an additional creep at the bottom and two inches at the top for the frame. Case in point, if the doors are 84-inches high (remember French doors could be exceptionally tall), then the opening will be 88 inches. (If its not too much trouble note that because of the way the top support is installed, the vertical measurements might be detached.)
    3. Furnished the divider in which the door is to be installed is not a backing divider for the top, cut the door opening in the 2×4 frame after the divider is manufactured. Mark the precise area of the opening on the bottom plate. Use a woodworker’s square and pencil to place two imprints that are precisely 88 inches separated. Proceed the imprints over the top face of the bottom plate with a woodworker’s square to structure a line that is perpendicular with the length of the bottom board.
    4. Remove every one of the 2x4s that are between the two imprints by thumping the bottom of every board sideways until it comes detached. At that point take the free end of the 2×4 and contort it until the top comes detached. Remove all nails and save the 2x4s for later use. Any nails that are staying straight up or straight down through one of the plates could be pounded with a sledge and curved over until the nail lies level.
    5. Cut the share of the plate out that will structure the opening for the French doors. Use a round saw joined together with a woodworker’s square or a responding saw if space is tight. The length of this opening must be 54 1/4 inches, the separation that you ascertained in step 1.
    6. Reduce a 2×4 to length (that is from the subfloor to the bottom of the top plate) and side nail the bottom end of the naturally slice 2×4 to the closure of the bottom plate. Add several edged nails above the first nails that you installed to verify the bottom closure is tight.
    7. Set the top close with a 4-foot level. Mark the spot on the top plate where the 2×4 is precisely level and afterward toenail the top of the board so it is even with this check. After the stud is in place, check it again with the 4-foot level to make sure it is level.
    8. Rehash steps 6 and 7 for the other side of the opening.
    9. Make a perpendicular check with your woodworker’s square and pencil at the 88-inch mark (the stature of the opening computed in step 3) and measure the separation between the two upright 2x4s. This ought to be 51 1/4 inches. (Allude to step 1 to see why.)
    10. Make a header to fit between the two uprights. This header will comprise of two 2x6s and a bit of 1/4-inch plywood slice to fit between the 2x6s. Bear in mind the plywood needs to be 5 1/2-inches wide just as the 2x6s. Nail the header together with the #8 rosin covered nails. Install the header by driving #16 framing nails through the 2×4 upright into the side of the header. Make sure to keep the bottom of the header flush with the line over the upright stud.
    11. Add an alternate upright 2×4 to the outside of every vertical 2×4 to shape a twofold post on the outside of the header. Make sure to drive a few nails into the bottom and top plates at a point and in addition nailing straight into the other upright.
    12. Measure the separation between the top of the header and the bottom of the top plate and slice four 2×4 pieces to fit. Keeping with the existing dispersing of the divider studs, nail these four pieces with #16 framing nails. Right away the opening ought to be complete.

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